Passing of an era.

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Passing of an era.

Postby Eriond » Mon Jan 10, 2011 3:53 am


There it is folks, the reason for this post. The troll who has the last laugh. Lozenge himself.

After 6 years, Eminence will be cease to function as a raiding guild. We are now a casual community guild with no active offical raiding chapter on Blackrock US. A few of us will continue to play together under various banners, feel free to drop by Blacrock anytime and check in on us. Until further notice, we will not be raiding on Blackrock.

Rest assured everything will be ok. I have attached an Eminence themed desktop pic for everyone to use. As you can see I am pictured with my back facing the camera so that I can continue to inspire confidence in your hearts.


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