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Postby Eriond » Wed Dec 15, 2010 11:42 am

With the onset of Cataclysm, Eriond's Army is back in full swing. The game basically has been reset in terms of gear, so we've been plowing through heroic 5 man dungeons to get the gear. By the 4th day we were ready for 10 mans and proceeded to slay the new pvp battle ground boss.

Filled with confidence we proceeded into the first 10 man dungeon, "Twilight Bastion" where we slayed this beast.


The fight has 5 drakes with different abilities and boss buffs rotating per instance reset 3 at a time. The combination we got was storm rider, emerald whelps and time warden. It was a great learning experience for us. Took us about 4 hours of work to learn the fight and adapt to our new level 85 characters in a raid environment.

Due to server queues we were not able to complete further attempts that reset, but last night on a fresh Tuesday instance we went back in, and slayed Halfus in 2 attempts with a new drake combination. Proceeded into the instance and slayed the 2nd obstacle in the two dragons "Valiona and Theralion"


This fight was very entertaining as it was a fight which required synced raid movement. Yea, Blizzard is still making us dance. Anyways there will be more boss kill shots coming up.

In closing I'd like to leave every reader with this image. Just remember, Eminence, doing it big on blackrock since 2005.


P.S. Recruiting A Tank for our second 10 man group.
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