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Passing of an era.

Eriond at January 10, 2011 - comments (0)


There it is folks, the reason for this post. The troll who has the last laugh. Lozenge himself.

After 6 years, Eminence will be cease to function as a raiding guild. We are now a casual community guild with no active offical raiding chapter on Blackrock US. A few of us will continue to play together under various banners, feel free to drop by Blacrock anytime and check in on us. Until further notice, we will not be raiding on Blackrock.

Rest assured everything will be ok. I have attached an Eminence themed desktop pic for everyone to use. As you can see I am pictured with my back facing the camera so that I can continue to inspire confidence in your hearts.



What Eriond got for Christmas!

Eriond at December 28, 2010 - comments (0)

Through the last 5 years of play on my character, I've collected every tier set of gear, countless trinkets and accessories. But the item slot which I felt was my character's true personalization symbol, was my shirt slot. The shirt which I first obtained in vanilla wow from a horde friend, that which I've kept on my character tab for all these years, my


A week before Christmas I was looking over my gear and suddenly realized that my thug shirt had been replaced with a


Wow, I just could not believe that for an unknown amount of time I was playing this game as a


Suddenly I felt foreign on my own character. I just couldn't play the game normally knowing that I had a trapper shirt on all this time. I felt disgusted with myself. Left with little to no options, I dutifully submitted my petition to the powers to be, I pleaded with them. "Please, return my thug shirt, there has been a mistake!" As the day passed I received no answer, it wasn't until the following day when I logged on when I received the reply message. Attached to the message was my Thug Shirt.

The feeling of relief was flowing through my mind, I could finally enjoy this game again. I just want to thank Game Master Rytherigone for being such an outstanding individual, who, with a meticulous eye, saw my petition as more than just a mere request. It was a plead from a broken man, searching for his real self. Through much difficulty I am sure, Game Master Rytherigone was able to help me recuperate from my downward spiral, and lift myself out of the pits of despair. Again, Thank you Game Master Rytherigone.

Alright, and onto less exciting news, after a short xmas break from raiding we saddled up and finished Atramedes, the blind dragon.


Holla at cha lata!


Your position in queue is 2000. Estimated time 2 hrs.

Eriond at December 18, 2010 - comments (0)

Yea, times sure do change. But one thing will always be the same on good old Blackrock. The 2k queue and the 2 hr wait time to play. With all the money Blizzard sinks into improving the raiding experience, you would think they had a few dollars to get rid of the queue. At the moment our progression is limited by fact that at any one time, any of our players could be stuck in a 2 hr wait. Let's not even get into the fact that in order to make raids ontime on Blackrock, you need to be well versed in the afk bot / script /macro.

Anyways, enough ranting, heres the kill shots I promised you. After the two dragon kills in the last post, we decided to change instances and head into "Blackwing's Descent." Where we encountered the omnitron defense system and were able to dismantle it's mysteries. Great fight, loved the random elements with each attempt.


After this we headed over to another instance named "Throne of the Four Winds" and defeated the intro encounter "The Conclave of Winds." I loved the way the raid was forced to split into smaller units, while keeping a focus on the overall strategy.


Tonight we decided to make our progression back in "Blackwing's Descent." We fought and slayed Magmaw, an encounter which was fairly intense in terms of execution and required raid movement.


Well.... Obviously... We raping bosses left n right 3 Hours at a time because the queue won't let us play together when we want. :<


Eriond at December 15, 2010 - comments (0)

With the onset of Cataclysm, Eriond's Army is back in full swing. The game basically has been reset in terms of gear, so we've been plowing through heroic 5 man dungeons to get the gear. By the 4th day we were ready for 10 mans and proceeded to slay the new pvp battle ground boss.

Filled with confidence we proceeded into the first 10 man dungeon, "Twilight Bastion" where we slayed this beast.


The fight has 5 drakes with different abilities and boss buffs rotating per instance reset 3 at a time. The combination we got was storm rider, emerald whelps and time warden. It was a great learning experience for us. Took us about 4 hours of work to learn the fight and adapt to our new level 85 characters in a raid environment.

Due to server queues we were not able to complete further attempts that reset, but last night on a fresh Tuesday instance we went back in, and slayed Halfus in 2 attempts with a new drake combination. Proceeded into the instance and slayed the 2nd obstacle in the two dragons "Valiona and Theralion"


This fight was very entertaining as it was a fight which required synced raid movement. Yea, Blizzard is still making us dance. Anyways there will be more boss kill shots coming up.

In closing I'd like to leave every reader with this image. Just remember, Eminence, doing it big on blackrock since 2005.


P.S. Recruiting A Tank for our second 10 man group.

Lich King Down

Eriond at April 1, 2010 - comments (0)

Lich King down.
Pic had a double take.
We endorse the double down.


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